Dear Prospective New Student:

Project Hope is a Christian residential program that takes a minimum of 12 months to complete. The program is very structured and is based on a Christian discipleship process. Please take time to consider all this and be sure that this is what you want.

After reading through the contents of the entire packet and giving it some thought, the following steps are required in order to be admitted into the Project Hope Recovery Center:

  1. An interview must be done with our Admissions Director. The interview can be done by phone or in person at the center.
  2. You will need a completed series of blood work and a physical. If you cannot get the necessary tests please consult with the admissions director.
  3. If you are on probation/parole, the Court having jurisdiction over you must approve your entry into Project Hope. If you have pending Court dates let us know before entering the program so we can help you meet those appointments.
  4. We are not a medical facility; therefore, if you need to detox, you must do so before you come to the program. We do not accept anyone who is on mood-altering medications. If you are currently using them but want to stop so you can come into the program, you will need a medical doctor’s release stating that you no longer need to take them. Please take care of all medical, dental, and eye care needs before coming, as our resources for appointments are extremely limited.
  5. You will not be able to communicate with anyone other than direct family this includes but is not limited to common law marriages, fiancés, old friends, any long term relationships, etc….

(Pastors must first be verified by program director)

Please consider all the rules and regulations very carefully and make sure you agree with and understand them. Direct any questions to the center’s admissions Director.