This is Mike. At an early age he witnessed his parents using drugs. This created confusion in his life and even though he knew right from wrong he always seemed to choose the wrong path. When Mike was twelve he accepted Jesus Christ into his life. “I loved God and loved going to church.” But as he started to get older he fell further and further away from the truth. When he was 13 he started using marijuana and then he fell into sexual promiscuity, from there it gradually went downhill. He eventually dropped out of high school and decided to try and live his “own life.” By the age of 17 he was partying every night, getting into fights, and selling and doing drugs. At the age of 19 Mike developed kidney stones which led him into an addiction of prescription pain killers. Not long after that he started to sell his prescriptions to buy heroin. “I had always experimented with these drugs but I never thought I would be a full blown addict.” His lifestyle had finally caught up with him, his worst fears had come true; he was a full blown heroin addict. After years of struggling a family friend referred him to Project Hope. “Since being in Project Hope my life has truly turned around. I am back to pursuing the Lord. Project Hope has allowed me to come in and has helped me to work on myself. More importantly the amazing God we serve has truly worked through this ministry to help change not only                                                                                                               my life but the lives of countless others.”