jay before n afterJay unfortunately grew up in a dysfunctional home, which led to his parents’ divorce. His mom battled a severe drug and alcohol addiction which kept her in and out of AA programs and in and out of jail. Jay’s life formed a pattern of one horrible crisis to the next… By the time he was ten years old his mom was diagnosed with cancer; after a long year of battling the disease she lost her life. “I remember to this day the moment my Father informed me that my Mother had lost her battle. When I heard the news I honestly wasn’t affected.  I internalized the grief of that tragic event and hid the pain.  As I grew up the pain of that event still followed me and the only way I knew how to address the issue was to self-medicate.” Looking for acceptance and approval Jay turned to all the wrong places, he quickly found himself surrounded by the wrong type of people and what he thought was a harmless pot addiction turned into using cocaine and ecstasy. Then the unimaginable happened; Jay came home from a long night of partying to find his father dead in the living room, he had passed away from a heart attack. “This event rocked my life and shattered everything I knew. My life was completely unmanageable and out of control I was catching charge after charge. Everything I ever loved was either dead, broken, or lost. Finally in 2013 I came to a point in my life where I felt like there was no hope for me. I had ruined my life, and was certain that I was cursed.” Jay started to cry for help and soon after he entered Project Hope. “On a Christmas Eve service I heard the Gospel being preached and the Pastor made an altar call. I felt the pull of God upon my heart so strongly. I ran to the altar and fell to my knees and cried out to the Lord.” From this moment on Jay says his life was never the same. Jay went on to complete the Project Hope program and stayed on as an intern and then a staff member even becoming the men’s house manager. Jay has since been accepted to SUM Bible College as a full time student. “After I graduate from SUM I plan on furthering my life in Ministry wherever the Lord leads me. However I have a big heart for World Missions. I would love to be involved in spreading the Gospel to other countries and sharing the love of Christ to the nations.