Taylor had everything going for her. A Michigan State undergraduate, bright, full of life and she had her whole life ahead of her. Then I started to notice something was going wrong. Her grades slowly started to decline; then in her junior year the signs got worse; she was losing her hair; began having anxiety attacks and started to distance herself from me and the family. Her junior year I finally realized my daughter was addicted to prescription pills. This nightmare started when Taylor was first introduced to pain killers after having hip surgery when she was only 14. The addiction to pain killers eventually led to a full blown heroin addiction.  Her life was spiraling out of control and each time the consequences were escalating. She was in and out of rehabs, but still could not shake her addiction. Then I got the call every parent dreads; Taylor had overdosed, she was pronounced clinically dead… but was revived in the back of the ambulance on the way to the hospital. I believe this second chance at life precipitated her desire to find Project Hope. Even though I was afraid it might be a cult; I knew the gravity of the situation and was willing to do anything to help her. I didn’t know it yet, but I needed to put Taylor in God’s hands. He had a bigger purpose; God was in the process of using this crisis to sew our family back together. His plan started to become clear to me after she arrived at Project Hope. Taylor started taking responsibility for her own actions and committed herself to overcoming her addiction. Then Taylor’s relationship to her family became so much more important to her, and her faith began to explode to the point where God was working through her to renew my faith too. Her prayers are so strong now.  Her voice can be heard from the rooftops. The words from the Holy Spirit flow from her lips with conviction. God has brought her back to me and her little brother; He has restored our family.