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Project Hope is a 12- 15 month substance abuse inpatient recovery center that help men struggling with addiction.

We offer a Christ-centered solution to those not only overcoming addiction, but any kind of life-controlling issue.

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Since 2014, Project Hope Recovery Center has been a safe haven for those who find themselves in their life controlling problems and addictions.

Located within the heart of Houston, we are known throughout the community for providing successful inpatient care. These residential discipleship programs are first class: from the , to the staff, to the preparations for re-entry into the lanes of life. Everything in this program is done with the utmost integrity and a spirit of excellence, but nothing can compare to the power of the “God factor.” Each student will be called to confront the condition of their own spiritual health and walk with the Lord.

If you or anyone you care about has a need of such a ministry, we wholeheartedly recommend Project Hope to you.

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Project Hope Texas

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(877) 491-3816

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